An open-concept coworking space is shared by diverse workers from different organizations.

Work has shifted dramatically since the pandemic began more than a year ago. Our priorities and our caregiving responsibilities have also shifted in significant ways. Larger organizations are learning to manage distributed teams, with less need for the centralized corporate office. Some people have stopped commuting and have been working exclusively from home in order to stay safe, or to care for children and elders. And some of us have stopped working altogether as lockdowns persist and unemployment rates reach record levels in many regions around the world.

We are starting to see a wave of new remote and part-time…

Two women are in the spotlight, cleaning and caring for North America on a desktop globe. Work at Hand by Audrey A. Heller
Image: Work at Hand by Audrey A. Heller

Reflecting on what we accomplished together

When I first brought the Global Coworking Unconference (GCUC) to Canada in 2015, I had a vision of helping coworking communities across the country to benefit from the kind of collaboration we model in our spaces.

I imagined being part of a global network of community organizers working together across conferences and cities. I dreamt of sharing the knowledge of our elders alongside our youths’ demands for the future. …

Ashley Proctor

Creative Blueprint

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